Octal To Binary Calculators

Octal To Binary Calculators


Octal, is a number system of base 8. This number system is especially interesting because in our casually used decimal system we have only 10 digits to represent numbers. As Octal system has 8 digits, i.e., Octal digits are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7

How to convert Octal to decimal
Step 1 : Convert each octal digit to equivalent 3 binary digit
Step 2 : Remove the spaces to create your binary number.
For Example

Find the binary value of octal 354518
354518 = (011)(101)(100)(101)(001)
(011)(101)(100)(101)(001) = 11101100101001

Octal digits: 35451
Binary : (011)(101)(100)(101)(001)

So Now arrange the binary Value in left to right it will be 11101100101001
Hence binary number of octal 0354518 is 11101100101001 2